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Realizing my 'About' section sucked, I went looking through the various social networking sites I frequent to see what I put as my bio. I wrote this one in November of 2005 and sadly, other than the WB becoming the CW, not much has changed in the past 4 years.

• Favorite Books:
The World According to Garp, Harry Potter, and any other awesome adolescent lit series

• Favorite Movies:
E.T., Stand By Me, Dead Poets Society

• Favorite Music:
I can break it down to anything, especially with a bit of vodka to help find the rhythm.

• Favorite TV Shows:
WB TEEN DRAMAS all the way, baby.

I am bloody amazing, you want to be me, your mom wants to touch me. Its just that simple. I like to get words stuck in other's vocab like heffer. Say it, you'll like it. I am in the SlowashellchristImgonnabehereforever Program at UF. One day I will graduate and be given the opportunity to un-fuck America's youth - thank you, bastard Republicans. Conservatives piss me off, just mind your own damn business. I'm jaded and cynical but on the up side, I'm looking into it. I'm family friendly; one of my moms is gay! I am hyper-independent and can manipulate you right out of your pants and have you convinced it was your idea. I was born to be a wife but only to a man that rightfully worships me. And that's no sweat because, to be totally honest, I'm that good.

I like super fun, outgoing people. If you are Republican, Libertarian, or any other party that equals that you have stick up your ass, you are not for me.
I love boys that can break it down or at least look like their having fun and don't maim anyone! I like people with a sense of humor, especially if they can have a good laugh at themselves! I LOVE super smart boys. If you manage to be both intelligent and an intellect, you could be Mr. BS. Send resumes with references!

I like emails, if you like emails too, send some to me! bsmail at bstalks dot com